Transform your data management capability overnight

Overwhelmed with survey tools, spreadsheet data and the expertise that costs a fortune to make sense of it?

FAIR Sight does it all in an affordable, all-in-one platform.

Built on FAIR data principles

The FAIR in FAIR Sight comes from the Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable acronym - fancy words for a system that you can store all sorts of data that you can find and analyse later for important things.

Information Management is no longer just a matter of storing data. Making data FAIR so you can analyse and interpret it is now seen as a critical tool for the success of any business. However, there is still much uncertainty and apprehension for businesses when selecting the correct tool to achieve this success.

FAIR Sight removes this anxiety by providing a highly supported, one stop shop that will make your data FAIR and much much more ...

Automate project tasks across your team

Do more than just collect survey data. FAIR Sight helps your team organise project tasks and milestones. Whether it's project managers, study nurses or even account managers, you'll never miss a beat.

Ditch Excel

No need to export to Excel to make sense your data. Report, visualise and make sense of your data directly in FAIR Sight.

Reduce license fees, overall cost and complexity

With all this functionality you just need one system with no lock-in contracts that you can control.

Collect and analyse data of any kind

COVID-19 Response

Use automated SMS follow-up to track participants disease progression and build longitudinal data profiles. Real-time alerts based on your programmed responses to guide real-time clinical response. Location based services to aid compliance and tracing.

Industry associations

Survey your members and/or customers using clean, intuitive surveys that will give you a professional image. Collect responses over their membership lifetime and conduct sentiment analysis to track the impact of your business activities.

Clinics and practices

Clinicians, psychologists, VETS, surgeons, sports clinics and GP's - integrate with your practice management software to automatically send PREMs/PROMs to patients.

Choose from a library of PREMs/PROMs and easily customise them for your own need. Utilise automated tools to rapidly get going and do the heavy lifting for your admin staff. Analyse results within FAIR Sight to build insights and improve your patient's journey.

Research teams

From students to senior professors, use FAIR Sight to acquire and centralise data from surveys, instruments and even pathology providers. HREC/IRB/CREC friendly, you can design and deploy surveys to thousands of participants rapidly and securely.

Start recording data now (at scale) and have the confidence you can hypothesise and analyse data days, months or even years later.

Enterprise services

Replace open source and other hybrid solutions in your organisation with an end-to-end, highly supported, enterprise grade data management platform. FAIR Sight can be deployed on premises or in private cloud instances for large scale use. Minimise your risk exposure to GDPR and other privacy regulation through a highly encrypted secure system.

Get faster data-driven insights for your business

FAIR Sight was written to overcome IT barriers for teams who did not have, or could not afford access to advanced IT services. Excessive costs prevent good projects from starting and leave others orphaned and unusable.

FAIR Sight empowers non-IT based users with the ability to create secure, scalable online databases.

Reduce IT overheads

Reduce (often hidden) IT costs and key person dependencies needed to support open-source software, outdated systems and clunky integrations. We are here to provide support whenever you need it.

No more information silos

Eliminate overcomplicated excel worksheets and orphaned Access databases that are poorly structured and insecure. FAIR Sight data is stored securely in Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.

Confidently manage multi-site and multi-stakeholder projects

Have the confidence that your projects are being managed efficiently and are accessible by the right people. Ensure important milestones are not missed even across large geographically diverse teams.

Get results from your projects faster

FAIR Sight is highly intuitive and easy to use allowing your staff to immediately gain benefit from the system. Rapidly design, deploy projects in hours (not weeks and months). FAIR Sight data is warehoused in real-time so you can obtain results on demand.

FAIR Sight is your all in one package

FAIR Sight



Survey monkey

MS Access/Excel

Online Surveys
Automated SMS/Email invite
Study/Project Management
Qualitative and quantitative analysis
Inbuilt reporting/analysis
Supplementary datasets/data models
Survey/instrument response escalations $
Inbuilt consent process
Longitudinal data capture
Location based capability
Multisite capability & security
Contemporary UX/Mobile friendly
HL7/FHIR interoperability $
Customisable $
Ongoing support
Automatic feature upgrades
Stop wasting time and worry

Let us help you convert that troublesome project to FAIR Sight now.

Start that burning project idea today

Contact us now to assist designing your next project. We've been advising clients for years and if the end result isn't FAIR Sight, we're still glad we've been able to help

Stay on top of follow ups

Large scale projects require tens of thousands of follow ups, invitations and interventions. Centralise notifications and automate communication with participants across your project team

Consistent and correct

Have the confidence that the data you store and results you obtain are of high integrity, secure and always available.

The feature list is much much larger!