About FAIR Sight

FAIR Sight is an online solution for businesses that need to collect, manage and interpret data. FAIR Sight empowers users to overcome IT roadblocks that prevent good ideas from happening.

FAIR Sight is proudly developed, owned and supported by an Australian company Endpoint IQ

The problem with conventional data(base) management

Information management is an age-old challenge, often requiring IT professionals, dedicated infrastructure and a multitude of applications to run. This incurs a direct cost to a business and piecemeal approaches are often taken due to a lack of funding and transient access to IT expertise. Originally from a research setting, the team at Endpoint IQ sought to over come key recurring IT challenges :

  • Storing and structuring data from any type of source
  • Key person risk (and long term cost)
  • Integration complexity and cost between systems and devices
  • Deployment at scale and across modalities (mobile, web, SMS, email, video)
  • Security (privacy, multi-site/user access, encryption, contemporary authentication)
  • Hosting, Backup, Disaster recovery
Over many years, and with the input of hundreds of end users - these challenges were overcome and FAIR Sight was born.

Backed by data science experts

The world is transitioning faster and faster towards exclusively digital and distributed (remote) environments. To maintain a competitive advantage, it is essential for business to embrace end to end digital platforms. FAIR Sight was written to support you on this journey.

The R&D team behind FAIR Sight are computer scientists with the ability to listen and learn from our customers. Working for many years in a research environment, our core dev team strived to maximise the funding available for researchers through affordable smart tech. Fast forward over seven years and the system has evolved well beyond the needs of research institutes. Today, we're able to do this at scale globally across many different industries.

We are expert at taking your pain points and translating them into easy to use, affordable software. We're here to collaborate with and bring value. So please, contact us today to discuss your next project or idea.

We know we can help.